Josephine Karianjahi, MPH (Columbia University in the City of New York)

Get to know me personally: 20 questions I answer honestly – here

Having worked with multicultural teams internationally, I passionately work to help connect hands, resources and missions with experience in

(1) Co-Directing National (KE) And Africawide Media Engagement Ventures in film, animation, radio, and podcasting for the public.

(2) Advocacy, partnerships and communications from a public health perspective (Masters in Public Health, Columbia University NYC)

Languages: English, Kiswahili, German, Japanese

For further professional engagements: LinkedIn

The Action Foundation Kenya

Board Membership: (2019 – )

The Action Foundation Kenya : Children with disabilities are among the country’s most vulnerable group due to stigma, discrimination, poor parent-child interactions, institutionalisation and lack of support. They are often perceived as less valuable than other children and are more likely to experience violence in their lifetime. TAF provides holistic development opportunities to children and young people with disabilities in low income areas.

Give to The Action Foundation here

Creative Non-Fiction

As a creative non-fiction contributor, I write about society, culture and travel for a select publications like Popula and Medium

Let’s talk.

*The opinions here, do not reflect those of my clients past and present. Below is a selection of locations where I have worked for individuals, companies, and non-profits, over the last 10 years.

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