Trending Skills For Free

I am always excited to learn. This is true whatever age you are, but most important for me, a way for youth to make steps for personal and professional development. My home country, Kenya has over 75% of its population under 25 years old. I want people to get hired too. I am energized by Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) which bring trending skills to us with a web connection on our time. Certifications, and the ability to take courses at no additional cost? Even better.

A well known MOOC provider sent out this list of trending skills their courses build up.

Leadership – Project efficacy and productivity, negotiation, communicating with executives, time management

Microsoft Excel – Data management, financial functions, spreadsheet design, data cleaning and modeling

Analytics – Business Intelligence consulting, data-driven decision making, data visualization and presentation

Decision Making – Leading in a virtual world, decision analysis, corporate governance

Data Visualisation – Business metrics, binary classification, entropy, linear regression, Tableau, big data management

Project Management – Scoping projects, setting budgets, risk prioritization, identifying key stakeholders

Marketing Strategy – Cross-channel customer acquisition, online behavior analysis, email marketing, display advertising

Financial Statements – Marketing strategy, people management, corporate finance, operations analysis

Forecasting – Risk Analysis, revenue optimization, modeling techniques, investment analysis, company valuation

Around me, growing up in Nairobi as tech learning was becoming more popular, many of us did not have computers at home. Tons of small businesses across urban areas like mine opened up centres where you could go and learn computer packages from Microsoft Office to Typing. It cost a lot, and I know too many people who lost the opportunity to ramp up their skills because the courses were too expensive. For scale, at one place near our home, you could do Office for KES 5,000 (US $ 50) for 5 or 6 packages. This in a city where too many people earn that or less per month.

Now, many of those centres, or cybers (short for ‘cybercafes’) have shut down, but a core set of these still serve as the shared computer for anyone who does not have one, or printer or scanner or expertise using them. Using online learning options to catch up, these trending skills can boost any profile significantly.

Which of these trending skills fit you? Are you taking online courses actively? Let me know in the comments section below.



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