What It’s Like To Receive Feedback

The week starting out always brings out so much energy, especially for creating. I am energised by the feedback I have received in the last couple of weeks, and it is wonderful to have your work read on three (or more continents) I got feedback from readers in three continents on Whatsapp, email and phone. Here is a selection of the comments.

Recently, I shared a post I wrote on the process of helping write a eulogy. It went to lots of places in my heart that I had not had a chance to share in print anywhere. Thankfully, it also resonated with people from a host of life experiences. I have redacted identifying information for privacy reasons.

This was such a heartwarming read. I really enjoy your writing voice and style. – K. Nairobi, Kenya

I wrote about my grandmother and mother language in the post.

What a beautiful piece, Josephine It made me realize that I had missed the great opportunity you had to write your grandmother’s story and do so in such an authentic manner.  As you know, many of us who grew up and continue to live away from our countries of origin, never really understood the value of learning our mother tongues and therefore missed out on fully appreciating from where we come and whose we are. Thank you for taking the time to write this beautiful piece.I would love to learn about your grandmother’s story! N, New York City

‘Wuau! Great topic!’ P. – Düsseldorf, Germany

‘Ni poa sana! Keep it up!’ S. – Nairobi, Kenya

Have you written something you would like to share with me? Drop the link in the comment section below. I cannot wait to get into work I have never encountered before.

Have you enjoyed reading here? Get to know me better and also, get in touch if there is a topic that you would like me to write more about – Contact Me

Yours on Mondays and days that end with Y,


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